So, a bit about myself? Well I’m from the North Louisiana/South Arkansas area. I spent most of my youth living on a family owned tree farm in La. where I learned to shoot and hunt from the elder men in my family. One of my foundest memories of my dad growing up actually come from a time we were out squirrel hunting. I remember we were posted up early one morning when the squirrels started moving about. My dad in a matter of what felt like no more than seconds took 3 squirles from 2 different trees without missing a beat. To me this was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen him do. Once I got into my teenage years, as most teens do, I got to be more interested in chasing girls and hanging out with my friends. Fast forward to about 10 years back and I inadvertently moved north to Indiana. Once here I meet my wife Britney and best friend James, starting a whole new chapter of my life. Britney and I hit it off great. Both loving to cook, and eat for that matter, (see more at The B.S. Kitchen) as well as play games watch nerdy tv and movies, etc. Brit is a huge part of the person I’ve become. James might as well be my brother as each of or families consider the other a son, lol. Together he and I are passing the knowledge I learned as a kid, and what my dad continues to teach us both as adults to his son Cameron.